Thailand or Bust

Our friends at Radical Grace have a need for a working vehicle. The program is currently running the Fleck Family car up and down rough terrain into the hills for home care visits leaving the Fleck Family mounting four to the motorbike for personal transportation. While it sounds like a fun ride, the program should really have sustainable transport for staff so they can keep up and down those hills without a hitch. With a second hand Isuzu 4×4 double cab truck (roughly $11,000 USD), the team can make their home visits, transport supplies, transport training equipment to workshops, attend Thai HIV and Development Continuing Education, coordinate surrounding community initiatives, and the list goes on and on. When you know out a $50 charitable gift, we get that much closer. Mark your SIM donation for Project ID 98382 for any amount, keep your nose to our Facebook page and we’ll let you know how the progress is coming along.

The Thailand team works hard to love and serve the people of Chiang Mai. They believe that HIV care and prevention comes first through serving their community in invested relationships. Thus, they beat the dirt roads day after day visiting families in the hills of Northern Thailand bringing medicines, housing and personal supplies as well as helping to transport kids to community activities like soccer and spaces they can engage to help build quality of life where they may otherwise resort to risky behavior.


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