Caiphas Ngarivhume and the team in Mutare, Zimbabwe are officially running people out of programming! Self-sustenance is the goal for this group. This quarter, they were able to assist 682 small groups or individuals with capital to start income generating activities in both rural and urban areas around Mutare. For everything from peanut butter to live chickens to taxi service, HOPE for AIDS (HFA) beneficiaries are becoming large contributors to the development of Zimbabwe’s economy.

To keep families strong, the team supports parents and children through nutrition, school fees and health care. Thirty babies, whether orphans or born to mothers advised not to breastfeed, are all fed monthly with formula. Eighty-eight children who would’ve otherwise dropped out of school without an ability to pay tuition fees are still reporting everyday because of the scholarship program. Of the 6 cancer patients this year, three have successfully completed chemotherapy while others continue in counseling through other therapies.

Keeping on with full schedules and diverse care, the Zimbabwe team stays busy. Top request for the coming year is prayer as they identify researchers for the country preview process to identify the most urgent needs in Zimbabwe. Keep up with their progress on our Facebook page. Tally ho!

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