Bundle your giving.

The HOPE for AIDS Thailand team never stops. If they’re not knocking down HIV infections in Chiang Mai, they’re helping you with thoughtful birthday gifts. Check out their Facebook page for details on how to purchase handmade art from the program. Order now, craft a card for your loved one and they’ll receive the gift in the new year. What a way to give in 2015. You give here. You give there. It’s just plain efficient.

The HOPE for AIDS team in Thailand has designed and implemented creative HIV prevention strategies and models that actively promote care and destigmatization. They work to reduce the incidences of a symptom of broken relationships, namely, HIV and AIDS. By partnering with local agencies, they provide holistic training for faith leaders in the art of responding to the HIV phenomenon with the people living in Thailand. With an emphasis on community values, the team works to restore strong relationships in the self, family, community and country.

Local workers visit neighbors regularly to provide home-based care. They meet with teens to play soccer and encourage mentorship and positive decision-making. When it comes to training local leaders, they are gathering mission communities, pastors (from Thailand and Burma), international schools and churches.

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