Generation Overlap in Zimbabwe

Updates from Zimbabwe’s Program Coordinator these days are starting to look more like Family Albums than cold unfamiliar data. Directly from Mutare, Caiphas Ngarivhume sends the following updates:

Thanks to gifts from Australia, the team has started working on developing irrigation for gardens to feed the orphans all the while planning a new system to divert water from nearby streams to help the aging volunteers gather the water easily rather than carrying tins back and forth every day.
The home-based care team reports that two patients urgently needing hospitalization after a cancer diagnosis have now been admitted and one has already been discharged after successful chemotherapy.
As well, the OVC team has had the privilege of witnessing the fruit of their work as they assist two orphaned youth (originally brought to the program in primary school) with university fees. Both are brilliant excellent students. They will be studying for degrees in mechanical engineering and Banking and Investing Management respectively.
Refresher trainings in physical therapy are starting this month of June to empower volunteers with skills to alleviate muscle pain; a side effect of taking ARVs.

All in all, HOPE for AIDS Zimbabwe digs deep into holistic care and development. To follow the work of the team, keep up to date on our Facebook page.

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