In Between Spaces

When Radical Grace first engaged with Elle, she had been living with HIV for a number of years and was experiencing many physical symptoms including eye problems and joint pain. She was frequently sick which impacted her capacity for independence, both physically and mentally. Additionally Elle was burdened by the emotional aspects of living with HIV; she was bitter about her past and prone to shut people out.

As Radical Grace came alongside Elle, we were able to assist in seeking medical help for her physical ailments and noticed improvements as she began to receive treatment. Furthermore, we quickly identified that a significant aspect of our relationship with Elle was when we could encourage her, help re-build her confidence and sense of self-worth.
Over time, Elle’s confidence and independence had been diminished and, doubting her own capacity and abilities, she had become reliant on others in many areas of her life. As we journeyed with Elle, our focus was to empower her and give her tools and means to begin to help herself. This included helping her explore opportunities to earn an income and seek finance for a vehicle which meant she could move around town independently.

However, a journey such as Elle’s is just that – a journey; a journey that continues…. slowly. Along the way, there are steps forward and then there are steps back. Yet there is progress and Radical Grace continues to be there alongside Elle encouraging her, caring for her and challenging her. In doing so we seek to see Elle’s life holistically transformed and Elle able to live with hope and purpose and a vision for her future.

Elle is one special person amongst the many we are working with. See more about our work on the Radical Grace page.

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