In Gabarone, a team of volunteers aim to support and strengthen community based organizations working to care for people living with HIV. At the Holy Cross Hospice Garden, the team has helped to grow a vegetable garden and continues to provide seedlings from season to season. For the Rerothle Orphan Care program and 8 others, they host weekend governance trainings for staff members. Over time, many volunteers become a part of the staff team. Lydia Moseki says, “I never thought I would be able to earn more than the bare minimum. Through Flying Mission and HOPE for AIDS, I have been able to do crafts and learn skills like record keeping with which I can earn money. I now have the confidence in myself to do the cash book and petty cash transactions for Otse Home Based Care as well as keep my budget and small business books at home. Please continue with your good work!”
Botswana Life Skills Training
Kelebileone Ketswetse, 20, lives in the village of Lentsweletau. Interested in the local conversation informing HIV and AIDS, she has turned to HOPE for AIDS training workshops to equip herself with leadership skills and the knowledge to guide her community away from further HIV transmission. She works in secondary schools and in the community with young adults teaching HIV prevention. She focuses on shared leadership eager to see prevention workshops grow in other villages and towns.
The HOPE for AIDS team in Botswana mentors many like Kelebileone. Through peer education workshops, they are working hard to eradicate transmission factors in Kweneng East District. Recently, they have taken their training to the churches teaching pastors how to talk to their church communities about AIDS.
Botswana Orphan Care Training
In Bostwana, the orphan care team facilitates training for daycare workers to promote quality education, care and love each day in the lives of children orphaned by AIDS. Little Seeds, a HOPE for AIDS partner works in Gabarone to stimulate learning through age appropriate play. Met with great enthusiasm, over 300 pre-school kids in the Gabarone area are getting a great pre-school experience through the program.
Botswana Coordination
HOPE for AIDS partners with Flying Mission in Botswana to carry out all our initiatives and services. By helping to build the mission’s organizational capacity and sustainability, HOPE for AIDS helps to support and encourage community AIDS work through Botswana.

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