This community based orphan care program loves and cares for the orphans and vulnerable children in and around Mseleni. Volunteers encourage and work alongside Christians and local churches to see the needs of vulnerable children and to support and facilitate them in their efforts to extend God’s love.

Lulisandla Kumntwana started working in June 2002. Currently 20 staff and many volunteers cover an area of about 30 kms wide and 125 kms long, with a population of about 95,000. 5393 orphans have been identified by the program and, so far, 3467 of them are receiving care.
The foundation of the project is the network of Family Support Teams. 56 teams with about 350 volunteers visit orphan families on a regular basis and offer practical, social, emotional and spiritual help.
The program is a registered fostering agency, which means that children are assisted to access birth and death documents and IDs of them and their parents; foster parents are screened, home situations investigated, and cases taken to the Children’s Court; children are placed in supervised foster care and then assisted to apply for the foster child grant.

Amongst many other monthly activities, the program offers psycho-social support workshops which help orphans to deal with the emotional trauma of losing their parents and also give life skills training. Foster parents’ workshops also take place including the memory box project with the orphans and a support group for HIV+ teens.
Pastoral coordinators counsel individuals and families, help staff and volunteers to develop their spiritual ministry and assist with workshops.
The program works closely with the local schools to further care for the needs of the orphans as well as identifying new orphans. 21 After School Clubs offer orphans help with homework, games and crafts and life skills. Career Days in high schools are facilitated and five youth clubs run a weekly program for youth hosting inter-club competitions and coordinated outings. Some clubs have started income generating projects.

In Positive Ray’s Prevention program we aim to educate community members of the effects of HIV and AIDS. We encourage people to know their status and offer Counseling and Testing services to communities. We serve workplaces, schools, prisons, clinics and neighborhoods. Prevention work in 8 communities reaches roughly 41,000 people. The Schools Programme creates awareness of HIV and AIDS and encourages youth to adopt healthy lifestyles (reduce risk of infections), and postpone sexual debut. Prevention education is also aimed at reducing the rate of teenage pregnancies. Our program surveyed youth in 4 schools served in order to stay in touch with emerging beliefs and behaviours that present new challenges to HIV prevention. We use the GOLD (Generation of leaders discovered) programme to facilitate and conduct prevention education and leadership training.
Today for Tomorrow is a children’s HIV and AIDS prevention and education program aiming at kids and youth between the ages of 6 – 12 years. Children learn that they are special creations of God, become aware of HIV and AIDS and dangers of contracting it, learn about making right choices, developing Godly character, applying Biblical principles, taking responsibility and leadership in their own life, and respecting others.

The program assists churches, schools and others who work with children and youth to reach those in their community, building a bridge between young and old. Reaching out to the whole child assists their physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional development. Teenagers are furthermore mentored in behaviour change by engaging them in HIV and AIDS information sharing. SIM assists its partner churches and organizations to implement the program into their current and new children and youth ministries.

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