In addition to regular funding throughout the year, there are times when our projects have urgent circumstances that are very specific. Whether you would like to give in-kind or fund a particular situation, you can find that need listed here.
When Notobeko was asked what had helped her deal with the anger and pain of losing her mother to AIDS, she quickly responded about how attending Lulisandla Kumntwana workshops had helped her through it. She was able to complete school, pass her final matric exam and is now studying on a diploma course at further education training college. Lulisandla Kumntwana continues to help young people like Nontobeko through psycho-social support workshops. The challenge we are facing at the moment is that, while there are funds for the actual programmes, like the after school clubs, HIV support groups for teens, foster parent training workshops and the psycho-social support workshops, funding for the staff who run these programmes is falling short, and we are at the point where we may have to cut staff and so will not be able to run the programs.
In Zimbabwe, a tin of baby formula powder costs $8.00 and a baby needs 6 tins per month. The HFA Orphan Care program is currently supplying 4 tins, in accordance with its budget to babies born to women living with HIV or AIDS or orphans. They spend $32/baby per month. Currently, they feed 30 babies per month making $960 at 4 tins/baby. The demand is higher and if they would like to reach 50 babies in the coming year; There are new cases coming up monthly and have had to start turning some away. If they can give 6 tins per month per baby that will be $2,400/month for 50 babies. For their current 30 babies/month, they’ll need $1,440/month to give them 6 tins/month.
Due to an increase in cancer cases, the home-based care team in Zimbabwe are in need of additional funding for medication and hospital fees. Our patients referred to chemotherapy and radiotherapies area can’t afford recommended treatment. Each cycle costs $200 and one has to undergo 6 cycles to complete therapy.

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