Orphan Care

In Zimbabwe, the HOPE for AIDS team supports orphans and vulnerable children with assistance in home care (for those child-headed homes), nutrition, school fees and basic education in lifeskills.
Volunteers in each community help kids fetch firewood, wash laundry, cook meals, everything that needs to be done to keep kids healthy. We supply milk formula to infants orphaned while breastfeeding or those whose mothers are advised not to nurse due to their HIV status. We also train neighbors in how to care for the children around them. Families and community/church volunteers are given goats for nutritional supply. They are trained on how to milk and keep goats (goat milk in Zimbabwe is more affordable, sustainable and available than the traditional alternatives). This, along with food packs (mealie meal, dried fish, beans, cooking oil), is filling the bellies of 12,900 children on Zimbabwe dirt roads and hot streets.
The HOPE for AIDS team is also providing seed and fertilizer for children to grow their own crops. So far we have helped 5 communities develop cooperative gardens for their kids and babies in need. Of these 5, 180 children take turns to get vegetables from the garden each week. We are looking to develop 4 new gardens in the next year.
The school drop out rate among orphans in Zimbabwe is a staggering 80%. And, use of foreign currency which many rural folks cannot access is forcing many vulnerable children out of school. HOPE for AIDS tries to keep these children in school by paying their school fees and supplying exercise books and pens. When school is out, the team holds “Life Skills” Camps for children in each community. Each year, they look forward to games, sports, lessons and good counsel.
The Zimbabwe team cares for vulnerable children as their own. Well in body, mind and spirit, the kids in town know where their safe place is.


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