Today for Tomorrow

HOPE for AIDS Zimbabwe knows that Prevention is a vital piece to restoring health and dignity to people affected and infected by HIV. We look to educate and empower children, youth and adults to eradicate stigma and practice wise and whole living.

Volunteers for the program work hard to keep it sustainable. They harvest peanuts in March, grind them and sell jars of Peanut Butter to the community to support the kids activities and nourishment.

For children 12 years and younger, we use a holistic approach to create awareness of HIV and AIDS issues among children. In a 3 year curriculum, children develop a value system that helps them avoid contracting HIV. Children in church do the curriculum on Sundays while children in school do it at or after school during the week.

Adults and teenagers are taught primarily in the churches. At conferences, services and church meetings, leadership teams have agreed that at least 2 hours should be devoted to HIV Prevention Content.

We focus on reaching the whole child through a lesson curriculum which incorporates material and activities focusing on all aspects of a child’s life: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. The program runs midweek for all children in the community regardless of religion, race or economic position. All our programs are run by volunteers who we train from the local churches. Our core team offers a minimum of 4 days intensive training either to train the implementer or trainers.



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