HFA_NEW_SITE_HOLISTIC_CAREHOPE for AIDS encourages local innovators to lead the way in finding solutions for their own communities. It builds capacity in churches and community groups, and supports creative initiative by providing technical support, networking opportunities, continuing education and funds as appropriate and available.

Botswana Life Skills Training
Kelebileone Ketswetse, 20, lives in the village of Lentsweletau. Interested in the local conversation informing HIV and AIDS, she has turned to HOPE for AIDS training workshops to equip herself with leadership skills and the knowledge to guide her community away from further HIV transmission. She works in secondary schools and in the community with young adults teaching HIV prevention. She focuses on shared leadership eager to see prevention workshops grow in other villages and towns.
The HOPE for AIDS team in Botswana mentors many like Kelebileone. Through peer education workshops, they are working hard to eradicate transmission factors in Kweneng East District. Recently, they have taken their training to the churches teaching pastors how to talk to their church communities about AIDS.
Pastoral Care and Family Life Ed 93913
HOPE for AIDS in Burkina has partnered with local families from the 18 EE/SIM church regions trained in pastoral care of those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. There are approximately 300 students in the 3 EE/SIM Bible Schools who will receive this training every two years. In addition, teaching modules are available in French, Fulfulde and Gourma in a 20 page summary booklet.

Two couples from each of the 19 EE/SIM church regions have been trained in the first level of marriage and family counseling by a team of couples from Family Life Movement Burkina Faso. The training of other couples in the churches has taken place in 9 regions and will continue in the 10 remaining regions. The trainers will receive two more levels of training and subsequently train the same couples who received the first level in their respective regions.

Kale-Hewitt  - Ethiopia  c SIM USA, Inc.
The HIV and AIDS Christian Education program supports semester length courses teaching HIV and AIDS prevention and mobilizing local churches to care for people living with AIDS, orphans and vulnerable children and to reduce stigma and discrimination. The focus is on pastors and leaders in the Protestant and Ethiopian Orthodox churches who will take the prevention and holistic care message to their local churches and denominations. Courses are taught throughout the year and the Evangelical Theological College and the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology and the Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Theological College all in Addis Ababa.
MALAWI 96352
The Church Leadership Training project desires to strengthen the capacity of church pastors and lay leaders in their ability to faithfully apply biblical teachings in the context of HIV/AIDS and mobilise their churches to respond to the needs in their community. This is achieved through specially designed trainings for church leaders covering topics such as Christian marriage, church mobilisation, stigma & discrimination and traditional cultural practices.
Malawi - Ministry - Africa Evangelical Church c SIM USA, Inc.
EBC HIV Course
The Evangelical Bible College of Malawi Education project is designed to strengthen the capacity of church pastors and lay leaders in their ability to faithfully apply biblical teachings in the context of HIV/AIDS and mobilise their churches to respond to the needs in their community. This is achieved through support of suitable faculty training and provision of resources at the bible college to equip lecturers to teach the HIV/AIDS course more effectively.
The strength of community in Zimbabwe towns resides with the church. HOPE for AIDS aims to challenge the churches to take responsibility for HIV and AIDS Care, Prevention and Education in order to maintain sustainability.
Most churches now have teaching on HIV and AIDS in their preaching schedule and regularly take up a collection to support the work. Angela (our Enabling Officer) seeks out churches not yet recognizing HIV and AIDS accountability and seeks to establish church committees at the local and distric levels to oversee the work. Each church integrates all the components of the HOPE for AIDS efforts (Home-Based Care, Orphan Care and Prevention). Operating teams are trained to raise funds, keep accounting books, write project proposals, and other skills required to keep a multi-disciplinary program successful. We also teach a module on HIV and AIDS yearly at a Bible College (Rusitu Bible College) to equip training pastors with information so that they will establish or continue the HIV and AIDS ministry when they begin in their new ministry positions.

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